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Original Domain LLC Publication is located in Hammond, Indiana near Lake Michigan within the Northwest Indiana Region.

Founded by Martin M. Zuniga “Moon” the inspiration came while working in the educational field at the elementary level.

Being granted a “first look” at “original artwork” from which came the name “First Originals” created from the student’s imagination it was discovered that the littlest of artists would enjoy showcasing their work and therefore a public outlet for them was needed….

Although, coloring out of the lines, unorganized shapes and disfigured humans may often lose appeal to an adult eye – Art created by the little artist carries significant value considered a masterpiece by the child and their peers.

Unfortunately, the child’s masterpiece is sometimes immediately overlooked and disposed, so the form of public platform needed to serve multiple purposes – granting public exposure for greater appreciation beyond the temporary kitchen refrigerator display at home and school classroom. Furthermore, it needed to “capture” the child’s “First Original” to treasure for a little longer.

Additionally, budget cuts would later endanger the existence of the arts in schools fortunately a child’s imagination continues and naturally seeks an audience.

After some time and failed efforts the public platform took the shape of a magazine – Finally a successful idea was realized.


Originally created as a public outlet to encourage the artistic creations of CHILDREN featured in My First Originals, awareness grew, the focus was now on the adult artist seeking additional exposure and eventually Original Domain art magazine was born and the first  to launch February 22, 2014.                                                                                         


Original Domain LLC publishes Original Domain quarterly art magazine for adult artists and My First Originals for the little artist published twice a year – limited print –digital version and via website.


Original Mission

Encourage, embrace and exhibit the original character, imagination and creations of artists of all ages and art disciplines in a new opportunity for public exposure and appreciation for their originals.


Original Vision

Celebrate original talent, like the imagination of an artist, established within the art world, original domain’s influence, exposure and horizon is endless.  



Original Domain LLC publishes Original Domain quarterly art magazine for adult artists and My First Originals for the little artist published twice a year – limited print –digital version and via website.


Adorned with an infinite myriad of artist Originals – literary, visuals, media, crafts with much more.




Launch Party


February 22, 2014

















A very humble appreciation and dedication




all that embrace originality and love for the arts


 all artists


all my friends for their presence


 all my family for their support and existence.


god for  everything


                                                                              Special dedication to my loving parents                                                                                        

Maria and Manberto ZuÑiga


With great patience and appreciation,

Martin M. Zuniga Original Domain


With great appreciation


We are proud to be a different art magazine that accepts and showcases all types of art simultaneously - from  Media to Crafts. We are not just a literary or visual arts magazine - We accept it all with a very easy submissions policy at no charge and I want to keep it that way.


Occasionally, there may be articles, interviews or special event coverage focused on the arts.


Please click on OD Digital to view the digital magazine and more information. Find out what you can do to support our mission send an email request for more information.






Artist Recruiter/Assistant

Elizabeth Martinez

A college graduate from Texas. She has two younger brothers. Loves science as an art/music and dancing. She creates art in Science Labs with cotton swabs and petri dish.


Executive Administrator

M. Zuniga "Moon"

My work experience includes media, education and more fields. I love pizza, writing and being original. When faced with life's trouble -My favorite thing to do and say "Relax"



All Original Content is copyright/trademark property of original artist or Original Domain LLC.

Original Domain respects Artist's rights.

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