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Julian Trinidad Gardea was born  in El Paso, Texas in 1986 and was musically involved in Piano, Saxophone and Flute while attending Mountain View High school. He also worked in the family business in the ranching of Ostriches for meats and leather products. Moving to Las Cruces, New Mexico, he attended New Mexico State University and received his Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology in 2010. During his full time studies, he also worked as a full time server/waiter and attended a Martial Arts school for Taekwondo.                                        

In between, he was also involved in assisting film projects led by Celina Gardea (B.A. Creative Media) and started to dabble in art, painting with acrylics and water colors. Slowly and gradually, his art became more    mature, with fluidity and eclectic expression.













Visual Artist/Model/Writer

Julian Trinidad Gardea


While working at the Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces, he was able to show some of his abstract work which   actually sold to clients from the United States and Canada. After graduating, Julian managed to save enough of his tips and the earnings from his sold art to follow his biggest dreams, Africa. He was accepted to join VACORPS in Cape Town, South Africa and was contracted to work as a volunteer for six months at the Iziko: South African Museum and Planetarium under the Direction of Ms. Petro Keene, Social History Collections Manager. During his time there, he assisted in Collections and Registrar of various Cultural Property, Historical Art and Human/Animal Remains. He continued to paint on his free time and sold a couple of his pieces in a local pizzeria, Obz Café in the Observatory District. Julian also started to pick up art photography while in South Africa and during his holiday in Egypt. He even faced his fear of heights and decided to jump off the Bloukrans Bridge (708 ft/216m) in the biggest commercial natural bungee jump in the world.




After his contract was fulfilled, he returned back home to El Paso. He followed his sister Celina into acting and attended acting school under the Direction of Todd Carroll. With Anthropology opportunities being scarce in El Paso, he decided to go after his next adventure, Japan. Though his time in Hiroshima was cut short, he decided to seek opportunities in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.


Currently working at the Perot Museum of Nature & Science in Downtown Dallas, Julian also began dabbling in modeling. He became a portrait model for the Society of Figurative Art under the Direction of Michael Mentler in Carrolton, Texas and was a figure nude model for photographer James Swanzy of Wildplum Photography in Arlington, Texas.

Julian’s photography began to gradually shift to close ups with digital abstract manipulation. He soon found representation for his work with brand new art distribution company owned and operated by Will Sofrin in New York City called Round Pocket. Soon after, Julian became Artist of the month in February 2014; you can visit the website at

Julian is also featured on Houzz, a worldwide home improvement and design company. You can visit his full online portfolio at He also created an online Zazzle store, The 8th House, featuring products with humorous designs. You can visit the website at*.

Between the time in South Africa and now, Julian began dabbling in fictional writing. He currently has an online blog with two novels free to the general public. His vampire drama, Goodbye Again &Again has received over 4,600 worldwide visitors and is under review with a book publisher and two California agencies for the screenplay. His recent drama, The Texas Jukebox Tragedy has already  received 700 worldwide visitors and counting. Julian is currently working on to more novels and you can visit his website at                                                                                                                                                             




     Metallic Red Stain                                                          


          Koi Atlas                                                                       


         Lava Man                                                                                                       

Birds of Texas Red(Copyrighted_2013)

Birds of Texas Red(Copyrighted_2013)











Medium: Photograph

         (Sale as Print/Round Pocket)        Date: Copyright 2013


My family and I were visiting my sister and my brother -in- law in Reno, Nevada. We came to a huge water fountain featuring a Mythic Triton theme in one of the casinos. I took several pictures of the fountain, especially the rushing water scenes. After modifying in the drastic tones and exposures, I cropped many of them in different angles. One specifically seems to look like a stranger in the distance, a man of fire coming out from a volcanic scene.


 Medium: Photograph

(Sale as Print/Round Pocket) 

Date: copyright 2013


I was assisting a relative in cleaning her yard and we all decided to take a break. I took my camera around the yard and found a metallic cabinet covered in leaves. After moving the vines away, I took pictures of the interior. The flashes made the gray metallic surface shine and I decided to modify the color when I returned home. Giving it a rustic tone, it has a sense of age and untold scars.


Medium: Photograph

        (Sale as Print/Round Pocket)     Date: Copyright 2013


I was visiting a relative and I took my camera to the backyard for opportunities. After finding nothing to really shoot, I lounged around under a tree. I saw a water hose left slightly on nearby and based on the surface of the concrete, the water maneuvered unevenly across. That is when I saw a figure that looked like a horse and with a pot lid left behind from an earlier party, made the horse figure seem to look back at some type of orb. I formatted the photo to black and white and darkened the mood.


MEDIUM: Water Color on Paper

(Sale as Print/Round Pocket)

Date: Copyright 2013


While I was volunteering in South Africa, I would commute by bus and walk everywhere. On my journeys I would meet a diverse people, most notably, the ‘Big Mommas”. I heard this term, while I was commuting from work on a bus and these three voluptuous women stepped on with vibrancy of laughter and humor and they were all dressed in bright colors. One had a child in a traditional wrap behind her back and the other two carried baskets of goods. The driver asked. “Where you Big Mommas going?” I thought it would be more simple and natural to have these women naked in this piece and let the different colors express their vibrant characteristics.





Red Medium: Photograph

(Sale as Print/ Round Pocket)

Date copyright 2013


I just recently arrived to the DFW area and was living momentarily with relatives in Grand Prairie. I was out shopping with them and brought my camera. I was very surprised to see the vast population of Black Birds in the area! I was not used to seeing this many back home, where Far East El Paso was nothing but desert and the only thing you saw were small batches of Vultures, Quail, Hawks, Pigeons and Roadrunners or the combination of one eating the other! So I decided to take a picture and modify the piece.





Medium: Photograph (Sale as Print/ Round Pocket) Date Copyright 2014


I was currently helping a relative move into her new apartment. We all decided to take a rest and I went for a walk in the woods nearby. I came up to a small running creek and took a few photographs of the running water with dead leaves and rocks on the bed. I modified it a bit and came to like this piece, especially on how it looks to be the surface of a Koi fish.





Birds of Texas


Water Horse and Lid                                                                    

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