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Jan 19, 2021

All Material credit: Netflix


Selena: The Series - Part 2

 premieres globally on May 14.


When Selena Quintanilla burst onto the Tejano music scene in the ‘80s, her dream was to make music that celebrated both her Latin roots and her Mexican-American upbringing. She ultimately brought these two worlds together, leaving behind a timeless legacy that still resonates with generations of fans around the world. 

Netflix had the same hopes when they released Selena: The Series in December. Netflix wanted to pay tribute to the young girl with big dreams and an even bigger voice, and honor her incredible rise from performing local gigs with her family to gracing some of the world’s biggest stages. 



We’re looking forward to continuing this journey when the highly anticipated conclusion of this two-part series premieres globally on May 14.


Ahead of part two, Netflix announced that 25 million households around the world sang “Como la flor” along with part one in the first four weeks after it premiered in December. The series reached the Top 10 list in 23 countries - including the U.S., Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Peru - and spent 26 consecutive days on the Top 10 list in Mexico. Half of the fans came from the U.S., where it spent its first week in the #1 spot on the Top 10 list.


And the Selena excitement extended far beyond Netflix. On Spotify, her music streams skyrocketed 260% during the launch of Selena: The Series. Selena’s listeners also increased by 90% during the same period, reaching 5 million monthly listeners.




The day before the series’ release, fans also broke the Guinness World Record for the largest number of videos of people lip syncing to the same song (“Como La Flor,” by Selena y los Dinos) uploaded to TikTok in one hour, as part of the #TodosComoLaFlor challenge


On Google, global search interest for Selena increased 1600% around the series’ launch. In 2020, Selena was the third-most Googled woman in Latin or Spanish music worldwide. 


But the best is yet to come. 


In addition to Selena soon receiving the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award this year, Netflix is excited to continue her journey through the Tejano music world on screen. Learning how to handle her newfound success, fans will get to see how Selena balances family, love and a burgeoning career.


Part 2 of Selena: The Series chronicles the years of hard work and sacrifice the Quintanilla family navigate together as she becomes the most successful female Latin artist of all time.


Netflix is thrilled that so many fans both new and old have fallen in love with Selena’s powerful story and beautiful music as the next act is unveiled.


This is an encore you won’t want to miss.

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