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All Original Work is Copyrighted

Martin M. Zuniga "Moonshine"
Original Artist



am the youngest and only boy of 6 children. My parents Maria and Manberto Zuniga, are the best parents ever. I think it’s sad when children don’t have a relationship with their parents. I have been truly blessed. They are my entourage.


I design my own jewelry under the name MZO (Martin Zuniga Originals) and I also love home improvement DIY’s. 


I don’t like the spotlight and therefore never broadcast my resume or accomplishments publicly– it’s something I don’t believe in—I only do when I am applying for a job.


I do have media experience and have established relationships within the industry—a diverse list of several regional/national creative organizations such as the recording and television academies. These relationships have positioned me to connect and meet very well-known people and new talent.


Furthermore, I am a writer, my original writing consists of a full range of genres - comedy, romance, drama, science-fiction, thriller, adventure and horror. While in college my college professors would tell me that my writing was not Shakespeare or Hemingway and that my poetry wasn’t poetry.


My response then and is now …“I’m original”. The reason I encourage, embrace and have a desire to exhibit all original artists. “Some people believe that following in the footsteps of others is the pathway to success…I believe that is the pathway of imitation. I have never had a desire to be Shakespeare or Hemingway and never want to be in their category.” They are unique artists. I am, my own artist.


I refer to my original stories and poems as “Originals” and the featured originals are part of the MZO collection along with my jewelry. I am determined to keep the magazine and my originals all natural and real.


Birth of a Name - I have always referred to the brain as the “Original Domain” where all imagination originates and eventually expressed through one’s activity—such as painting, writing, cooking and the form of expression is endless surpassing what can actually be considered art…..Naturally, as I searched for a magazine name it made sense to call it “Original Domain” like a brain in the form of a book where all originality is exhibited. PLEASE BE ENTERTAINED BY FOUR OF MY ORIGINALS.—Introductory summaries of stories that I have written. Caution: due to my diverse writing “original”  contains mature language.


Martin Zuñiga Originals


The Sun Cannot Be Covered With One Finger


My life isn't what it appears to be, I've had my doubts about gods love for me,

The sun has gone my days are gray


When strangers turn to look at me, they see me smiling and assume I'm happy

But if you look deep into my eyes, then and only then will you realize

that I'm crying inside because of my disappointing life


I cannot accept my problems. I'd rather hide my failures then confront them

You've been my friend for so long You think you know everything about me, but let me tell you truthfully,                                                                     what you don’t know about me                                                                                              

                                          I find myself crying alone at night, the tears I cry are not of joy                               My life is miserable I've been torn apart. How can I tell you I love you without breaking my heart

I'm going insane because of that constant reminder that still remains

of my sinful deeds, that until now a secret I've maintained

That reminder awakens the guilt that consumes me and may be the cause that sets my secrets free


I'm only human like you so don't you ever praise or envy me

I'm not perfect, I make that hard to see


My past is hidden, I don't speak of it. My present is still and so quiet

From my perspective my future seems unclear

I've kept my sins a secret so be doubtful of the rumors you hear


Perhaps someday I'll find courage to confess that my secrets have ruined me

that I've pretended for so long to be happy

I tell people my life is fine, however my cross has gotten heavy with the passage of time


But now I'm tired I want to rest

my sins have kept me from all the best

So I'll give my secrets liberty because my sins kept secret shall be the death of me


For this guilt has weakened my soul

I have not the strength to fight

One cannot lie for sooner or later the truth comes to light

One cannot keep a secret,

for trying to keep a secret is like trying to cover the sun, with one finger.—

it cannot be done 

© MZO Martin Zuñiga Original

Todo comenzó muy bien,


es triste que todo se termino

Todo con el tiempo cambio

Yo no soy el mismo,

tu también eres diferente

Tal vez nuestra amor ya no existe


Tu me culpas a mi

Pero cuando me acerco a ti

Me rechazas

con tus miradas

y tus palabras


Trato de amarte de nuevo........

Ya estoy cansado

que cada día y cada noche es lo mismo,

Cada oportunidad que hallas

me recuerdas

que no soy perfecto

Que en algo te fallado

y que nunca te amado


Tu me dices que me haz perdonado,

Porque me tormentas

y me haces vivir en un infierno,

hÉ decidido quedarme contigo,

cuando era muy fácil abandonarte


Tal vez todavía siento cariño

o tal vez me acostumbrado

estar a tu lado

y acomodarme en tus brazos


Puede ser porque ya te conozco,

ya se como eres

Y se que sobre todo

Todavía me quieres



© MZO Martin Zuñiga Original




Todavia Me Quieres

I wash dishes for a living,

Work two jobs ain’t got time for nothing,

waste the day on dirty plates

And on stupid customers that I especially hate

Take it from me, it feels like hell

When you’ve got people on your ass

demanding help,


Let’s get one thing straight

I work to serve you,

I’m nobody’s slave,

I don’t get paid to put up with your shit,

Minimum wage ain’t worth it,

You want respect, you better earn it,

Because the customer doesn’t always come first,

From me you get what you deserve,

Because being courteous

just ain’t all that serious,

In my experience

with customer service.


Work sucks, I hate my job, I know what it’s like to be a maid, work all day my body aches, no time to get laid, My boss is a dick, I hate the people I work with, I get treated like shit and I’m sick and tired of it


I don’t kiss the boss’s ass

so I’m not on that special list of favorites

that bullshit in the office

I can’t sit for a minute on the job

I work nonstop like a robot on the clock

Expected to do 22 extra jobs

and I’m not allowed to call off

or complain

even though I bust my ass twice for people who get paid

to stand around and take an 8 hr. break,

and I have to wait forever for a 5 cent raise,


I’m overworked and underpaid

and no one truly appreciates

What I go through everyday……..



© MZO Martin Zuñiga Original




You choose not to believe in me,that’s not proof I don’t exist

You simply refuse to acknowledge my presence

even though I am the answer to all your questions

In any tongue spoken

or prayer praising me,

In your hour of persecution,

in your desperate cry for help,

There I will be

for I am all one needs

for I am creator of all things,

seen and unseen

I am pure love,

I am peace

my mercy has no boundaries.


I am everywhere,

I am always there

I am the light

that brightens the day;

I am the darkness at night

I am the sun

the moon and the stars,

I am never too far

I am joy and pain,

I am known by many names

but I am still the same

because I never change

I am the good and the bad,

I am beauty,

I am the outcast

I am the first

and the last

I give life to your soul

I am flesh and bone;

I am life,

I am death,

I am life after your last breath

I am the beginning,

the middle

and the end

My kingdom shall come again

I am your eternal salvation

because you are all my children

for I am thy almighty father in heaven,


I Am......© MZO Martin Zuñiga Original





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