Original Artist


“A new Wave Hair Salon”


DO or Dye






Ella Swinney

Rachael Kobus

Kelleigh Romba

Darcy Stiles

Adam Kobus

Jon Salazar


Creative Directors:

Kira Salas

Adam Kobus


Graphic Design:

Lisa Gossler


Makeup ("Film Noir Experiment" and "Sideshow”

Lorelei Gagnon



Jaimie Arreola

Mandi Arreola

Jon Salazar



Robert Steven Originals




Do or Dye Salon is a new wave salon run by a brother-sister team of hairstylists. The Salon, located at 2929 45th Ave, Highland, Indiana, offers a complete haircare menu focused on giving the client customized services.


Established in 2012, “Do or Dye” has been heavily involved in the arts community.

“It was really important for us that hair is also seen as art.”


Soon after Do or Dye was open for business, they began working on elaborate concepts for photo-shoots.

“We really wanted to do something more than your typical headshot; we wanted to have a backstory and characters.” To date, Do or Dye has released 3 photo shoots. One by one the photos came out and viewers were amazed at how intrigued they were at the gritty yet beautiful images they were seeing. “ “This is our passion!”

“Film Noir Experiment"


"The Film Noir Experiment" was inspired by the power of seduction and mystery women has in film noir, namely their hair. Using techniques specific to that era, we were able to fuse modern hairdressing with a classic design.






“The Sideshow” was a spark of imagination created by the whimsical atmosphere of a carnival. Using the props, staging, and wardrobe of a local theater, The Towle Theater, the vision was made a reality and truly brought the mysterious and post-apocalyptic characters out of the models.




- the most recent shoot, was an idea that flourished from the sayings,

“All that glitters isn’t gold” and “Everything changes with the price of gold.”


 We really wanted to embody a softer look with the hair and makeup to counter balance a set that would read dilapidated and broken down. All shoots were made possible through mentioned local artists ranging in jewelry, makeup, photography, and graphic artistry."